We began making our line of products in our spa as a way to cater to our clients without using harmful chemicals.  As our services grew in popularity because of this, our clients were requesting products that they could take home to continue their care, without synthetics.


“Our mission is to create an affordable, award-winning, all-natural skincare line that benefits the health of the world.  We feel strongly that it’s not just about beauty.   When your skin is cleared up and you feel better about yourself, you love yourself.  When you love yourself, you are more kind to others and open to sharing love.  When you share love, you make the world a better place.” – Leanne & Kim (Founders & Formulators of SkinCatering)


“Recently, I was moved to tears of joy when a client came to me and said she was so proud to buy our skincare products for her cousin, who has cancer.  When I started this company, I wanted us to provide people with safe products and services that were free of harmful chemicals and that they could afford to enjoy. I am fulfilling my dreams by having a company that everyone can use, regardless of circumstance.”  – Leanne


* Due to the properties of natural ingredients, the color and scent may sometimes vary.  The effectiveness doesn’t change!

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4 thoughts on “SHOP

  1. “I feel pretty. And I smell pretty too. I am obsessed with [your] face cream. I battle oily skin, and bad acne! It’s hard to finds balance bc if I dont stay hydrated I rbeak out more. I love this product because: it’s non-toxic, locally made, smells freakin amaze-balls (light creamsicle dreamy scent), it doesn’t leave me greasy, and best of all my bb cream & make up glide over it like soft butter. I’m obsessed. Hop on over to and order some! #skincatering #beauty #Nontoxic @skincatering” – Apryl (via Instagram!)

  2. “Thank you #skincatering…my face was a perfect 10 today! And stargazer felt so good on my dried out eyelids” ❤ [meanwhile, 2 days later…] “My eyes are healed. I’m in shock!” – Apryl (via Instagram messages)

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