Coffee Talk: Episode 1, Collagen Treatments

Our very name says what we do!

We cater to skin. YOUR skin.

Proving we can be a little more serious when it comes to caring for our clients, Kim & Leanne discuss collagen treatments vs. natural treatments for your skin in this short episode of Coffee Talk!  But of course, we can’t help but to let our personalities peek through.

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The Happy Hour Show, Episode 1

My wellness industry friend, Krista Ross posted this quote:

“If you could choose one characteristic that would get you through life, choose a sense of humor.” – Jennifer Jones

I love this statement.

Our SkinCatering team is a personable, happy, and I’m thrilled to say – humorous, team!

Here we are with our second video ever, a series calledSkinCateringTV: The Happy Hour Show  – our version of The Late Show where we have special guests visit us for a chat (and some bevvies), and to play one of our fun games!

Karen Boyd of MIX 931 was the Celebrity for our first show, and the game is Spa Pictionary!

(We learned we need a bigger marker so you can play along with us at home!)


In the name of having a little fun, a few spa team members got together to shoot a video for the new SkinCatering YouTube channel that will be making it’s debut this week.  We hope you’ll subscribe so you don’t miss any of the spa-tacular episodes we have planned!

While we were changing the set, Kim told us a little story.

[It had to do with a time when she tried to give herself a bikini wax on Fourth Of July!]


Stay tuned for the video!


Our location for this episode