Sunday Funday: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Style

It’s the last morning of the weekend and sunshine is filtering through the curtain onto your pillow. Rolling over, you’re greeted with a nuzzling kiss. Sunday Funday has arrived and you’ve got one thing on your mind – Brunch! And what’s the perfect romantic pairing with a mimosa-filled breakfast? Spa Sundays at SkinCatering, of course!


Now open 9am to 1pm, SkinCatering has a special offer just for couples. Magically designed for you and your significant other to enjoy a much-needed relaxing time together, choose from our signature Couples Massage OR our new Spa Treat for Couples!

Our Couples Massage is a one hour massage in the same room. A blend of relaxation and pressure for therapeutic relief of body aches. This massage calms the nervous system, enhances muscle functions and helps center the mind & reduce stress. $125 on Sundays for a limited time (reg $130)

Spa Treat for Couples is a Sauna-Maintenance-Tips1.jpgspecial, same room 45 minute body treatment for two, focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and feet. Soothing aromatherapy oils are used to to hydrate your body, a heated foot treatment warms your feet on a cold day, and an invigorating clay mask is applied to your back. After, a 15 minute private infrared sauna session awaits. $99 on Sundays for a limited time (reg $120)



Book your Sunday Spa Day ReTreat now, limited spots available!




Do you have a ‘Wellness Strategy’?


Do YOU have a ‘Wellness Strategy’ for 2017?

What is a ‘Wellness Strategy’? A wellness strategy is a plan of action to achieve personal wellness goals. For example; say your goal is to relax more, ask yourself “How could I accomplish that? What does ‘relax’ mean to me?”

A Wellness Strategy’s purpose is strictly to make accomplishing your goals attainable and less intimidating. To create a Wellness Strategy one must first decide what their wellness goal is. The next step would be to break that goal down into separate parts by asking yourself key questions.

  • “What does this goal mean for me or to me? Does this goal immediately affect my every day life or is it long term?”
  • “What could I do to accomplish this goal? What steps can I take to start?”
After asking yourself key questions such as these, one must then determine whether or not the goal is attainable and sustainable in their life. If your current lifestyle doesn’t allow the desired goal to be attained, how can you adjust your goal or your plan of action? How could you adjust your lifestyle to help make your goal attainable?
EXAMPLE: If your goal is to eat healthier
1st Ask yourself “What does that mean for me and my every day life?” Does this mean making more homemade meals with raw ingredients? Drinking shakes? Eating at home 3 nights a week?
2nd Ask yourself are these steps attainable and sustainable with your lifestyle. Does your work schedule allow time to shop for raw ingredients? Do you have time in the morning to prepare your day’s shakes? Are you home 3 nights a week to eat a meal?
3rd If your answer is no, your current lifestyle doesn’t allow for this to be attainable, then you must ask what you can adjust to make it attainable. Can you order your groceries online to be delivered to your home? Can you make your shakes the night before and store them in the fridge for the next day? Can you prep meals to freeze if you won’t have time to prepare them? If you can’t be home 3 nights a week, is there a vegan or all natural local restaurant you can eat at those nights?
No matter what your wellness goal is, your Wellness Strategy will help keep you on track to attaining and sustaining your goal.
Of course, SkinCatering® is here to support you with any of your wellness goals relating to treating yourself more kindly, reducing stress, and honoring what your body needs in order to maintain it’s healthy balance.
 Monthly spa memberships are available in three different options to fit your time & financial budget. We’d love to hear what your goals are and how can we help. Share your goals & strategies in the comments!

How your phone can help you feel more peaceful

I often use my phone to relax.
Whether it’s a light game to decompress, listening to music that soothes the beast, or reading a book on the kindle app, I appreciate using my smartphone in a positive way.

Here’s a note from my friend Courtney:


Feeling stressed, frustrated, or angry during your day? Surrounded by people and cannot go scream or punch something?

Pull out your phone and check out the Huffington Post’s GPS For the Soul App. This app measures your stress level by instructing you to place your pointer finger in front of the camera lens. It measures your heart rate and BPM. It will generate a color variation of your stress level. Then, you can watch one of the many guides that include nature scenes, music, and affirmations. It also has a breathing pacer that regulates your breath.

Simply stopping to breath can help do the trick for me, but when I am feeling stressed or angry it is hard for me to stop to breath. Someone telling me to ‘just breath’ can frustrate me more. Now, I can just pull out my phone and have pictures to focus on and something…

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Prepping the Bride

As someone who “opted out”‘ of a big wedding and eloped I do not have the experience of planning a wedding but, in my world of aesthetics I have seen more than my share of stressed out brides. I know the value of fresh, clear, glowing skin on and in the days before the wedding day.

These events leading up to your wedding bring more photos and entertaining than any other time in your life;  The showers, Jack and Jill. and don’t forget the bachelorette party!  The planning of your wedding should include time for facials so your skin can be in it’s best condition in the weeks before the wedding.

At Skin Catering we suggest a series of facials before the big events start to give the skin a healthy glow, clear up any imperfections and help make make up application smooth and easy, not to mention an hour to yourself  just to be quiet.

We suggest starting six months before the big day with monthly facials. The week of the wedding we have a special facial for the bride that can be done any time during the week right up to the day of the wedding.

We also recommend putting Gift Certificates for facials and massage on your registry!


pink clay

Livin’ In The Hall of Fame

On September 26th, 2013 the leading ladies of Western Massachusetts banded together for our Winners Photo-shoot that will be featured in the October issue of the Western Massachusetts Women’s Magazine.

You remember my Karen’s Angels video compadres right? Karen Boyd of Mix 931, and Meghan Rothschild & Emily Gaylord of Chikmedia.

Well Karen, myself, and Emily all won for our categories (we’re putting all our efforts into votes for Meghan next year!) so we Harlem-Globe-Trotted down to the Basketball Hall of Fame, in Springfield MA and got our professional pics taken.

After our group photo we had to wait for individual head shots to be done … What’s that saying about idle hands?

With so many props around us, it was difficult to behave…

bball 8

3 Leading Ladies

bball 7

Robot Impressions #fail


bball 9

Our fabulous fun-times photog (and fellow award winner), Tanya Costigan of Bowties & Butterflies Event Planning

bball 10

Fellow winners, and YPS members, Elizabeth Ginter and Pamela Thornton



bball 5

Karen, Leanne, and Emily

bball 4

Basketball Mural Fun – LIVING ART

bball 3

Karen having a talk with Mike

bball 2

The 3 of them couldn’t figure out the real problem

bball 1


After our individual photos were done, we found our way over to The Colony Club in downtown Springfield, MA where we were treated to champagne, shrimp cocktail, and a gourmet cheese platter, to celebrate our success!

bball 11

Leanne Sedlak & Elizabeth Ginter

And of course, no evening celebration would be complete without a belly dancing lesson from Emily!

bball 12

Thank you again, everyone who voted for us!  We appreciate it!

The awards dinner is on October 10, 2013. We’ll be sure to bring our cameras since we’ll be all dolled up.

If Your Body Could Talk

I’m guilty of it too – of not being nice to myself.

For a long time I used self-deprecating humor as a way to get laughs. I would joke about my ‘fat ass’ and be the first to giggle about my multiple bellies.

Then one day I got sick of it.

I guess you could say that putting myself down no longer served me.

I wanted to love my body.

… and no amount of exercise or healthy eating changes could make that happen… yet.

I was miserable with how my body looked.  Actually that’s not true.  I was unhappy with how my body felt, which in turn, warped how I felt about my looks.

That was the turning point for me.

I started to be nice to myself.

  • I stopped saying mean things about my body (to myself & others).
  • I would smile in the mirror and find something good to say.
  • I began to love & respect myself.

It worked.

I no longer felt disgusting, which led to me wanting to do nice things for my body (like eating better, exercising, and rewarding myself with spa treatments.)


Here is a simple Active Imagination Exercise that one of my business coaches taught me to talk to (and hear) my inner voice.

It works for other aspects of your Self as well.

The point is to view your inner voice, or your body in this case, as if it is a person standing in front of you, separate from yourself, and you have a conversation with them.

How To Get Started:

1) Be somewhere quiet(er), and get comfortable.

  • Sometimes, for me, this means I am laying in bed just after waking up.
  • Sometimes I am sitting on the couch, lamp shut off.
  • Other times I sit or lay on the floor, letting my body settle how it feels most comfortable.
  • You can even do this sitting in your chair, in your office, with the door closed, feet on the floor, hands in your lap.

2) Breathe.

  • A slow steady breath in.
  • A controlled exhale out.

I do this as many times as it takes until I feel calm and relaxed. Some days it is just a few breaths and I’m there.  Other times it takes me a few minutes to get into that space.

3) Listen to the noise.

  • Cars driving by.
  • Birds chirping.
  • People murmuring.

Take in all the busy-ness.

4) Listen to the stillness.

In between the noise, there are pockets of quiet. Find them.

  • It’s like moving the dial on a stereo to fade the music from the left speaker, to the right.
  • Imagine turning down the bass, and bringing up the treble.
  • Just let your ears do the tuning.

5) Begin the conversation with yourself.

  • You may choose to write or type out the conversation.
  • You may choose to speak out loud.
  • I personally like the quiet & stillness of just thinking the conversation in my head.

What feels right for you? I don’t think there is a right or wrong way – do what feels authentic for you. 

This was the dialogue I had with my body this morning, so you can see how it works:

Me: Good morning, Body.

(Then I be quiet, and listen for what the response is – don’t force it. Just listen.)

Body: Good morning, Leanne.

(Oh good! My body is awake and ready to talk!)

Me: How do you feel today, Body?

(Stay quiet, listen for response…it may take a few minutes, or the answer may come quickly.)

Body: I feel strong.

(I’m pleasantly surprised! I was not expecting that answer.)

Me: That is really great to hear that you feel strong because I have a lot to do today. What do you need me to do for you today?

(Again, quietly I listen…)

Body: I need you to stay hydrated today. It makes me feel weak when you don’t drink enough water.

(I blush a little, feeling guilty that I make my body feel that way.)

Me: I’m sorry I do that.  I can drink more water today.

At this point, instead of listening, I start to run down the list of things I could be doing to treat my body better, all the tasks I need to get done today, all the appointments I have to prepare for and it gets really loud in my head.

…and I realize I’m holding my breath and my butt is clenched tight with stress…




(…quiet space again)

Me: What else do you need me to do?

(…listening without judgement…)

Body: Don’t get too busy and forget to eat.  It makes me cranky.

Me: Oh…

I remind myself that the point of the conversation is to find out what my body needs TODAY.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow.


And all my body asked of me was to be hydrated and fed.

It didn’t yell at me.

It didn’t call me names.

It didn’t drag me over the coals for all the bad things I’ve done to it.

My body lovingly, and quietly stated what it wanted from me for today.




(Back to quiet, ready to hear what else my body had to say…)

Me: Ok Body, I promise to drink water and remember to feed you today.  What else would you like me to know?

Body: I really appreciate the quiet space you made to talk to me today. It makes me feel loved.

(I blush again…my body is so sweet & nice, not angry or hateful for my past transgressions…)

Me: You’re welcome.  I love you. Thank you for supporting me as I build my business.

Body: I love you too.

And with that, I felt complete and understood the conversation was over.

I opened my eyes and was ready to start my day.

I had no idea that my body was so kind and forgiving.

I should really be nicer to her.


Home Is Where Your Flip Flops Are

Recipe for good skin:  a fantastic hat, saltwater ocean spray, and relaxing by a good campfire to make you look & feel a few years younger.

Last weekend, my friends and I planned to do our Annual Girls Weekend Camping Trip but at the last minute, there was a little glitch and one of our key members was unable to attend.

Since the deposit was already paid and we were pretty much packed and ready to go, my friend Mila and I decided to forge on by ourselves.  Not to be out-smarted by disappointment, I discovered a way to bring our friend with us to camp!


She was pretty quiet on the ride in to Newport, RI but once we arrived at the campsite, she perked right up! Melville Pond Campground was the perfect size and our site looked like a magical glen where fairies would come out at night to dance.  It was very peaceful – unlike our nightmare neighbors with screaming demon children during our last trip when we went to NH.



After oooh-ing and aaaah-ing over what a great choice we made in picking campgrounds, it was time to get to work.  Our dear friend Robyn was in charge of supervising, while Mila and I were set to the task of putting up the tent.


Putting up the tent was fairly easy, except that once it was all done, one of the tent poles that was questionable to begin with due to a crack in it, decided to snap like a twig.  After an hour of splinting and duct-taping the ‘broken wing’ (as we called it), our home away from home was up …and a drink was definitely in order!


Next we unpacked the rest of the truck to set up camp.

Robyn tested out the chairs to ensure they were fung shui around the campfire while Mila and I went up to the pavilion to use their electrical outlet to blow up the mattress.  I had a converter from my truck, but the pump for Mila’s bed was over 100 watts and kept shutting off the power, so we schlepped it up around the corner.

Getting the mattress BACK to the campsite, however, was a different story.

While I personally don’t have any pictures of the events that followed, many campers came out to see this spectacle, with their cell phone cameras in hand, laughing, as they snapped picture after picture of the purple-headed pack mule.  I’m sure a brief search for ‘Camper With Air Mattress’ will bring one up.

You see, the air mattress didn’t fit in the truck all blown up (duh) and our rope wasn’t long enough to tie it down to the roof (cuz that would have been simple), so I told Mila to drive the truck back to the site, and I would walk it down by myself.  How hard could it be? I carefully hoisted it up onto my head and upper shoulders, held onto the sides with my hands and set off to walk the tenth of a mile back to camp.

Little did I realize, the triple-layered inflatable would bounce so fiercely with each step, that I wouldn’t be able to contain it.  After 1000 or so steps, I gave up and just walked it along, rolling it end to end until Mila could park the truck and come running over to help.

An icy cold beverage was definitely in order…


Because no camping trip is complete with just two incidents during set up, a third (albeit, minor) situation came upon us.

While making our beds, Mila discovered that her husband sent the WRONG sleeping bags with her.  She had planned to bring sheets and a blanket, as we have always done.  He said, “No No No, all you need is this sleeping bag and you’ll be plenty warm.”  Needless to say, a mummy-style sleeping bag doesn’t cut it on a queen-sized air mattress.


As they say, things come in three’s, so with that, the debacles were done and over with for the weekend and it was only good things from there on out, but dinner and drinks were definitely in order.

Getting ready, we were pleasantly surprised to find private shower rooms at the campground that didn’t need quarters!  Here’s a snapshot of Robyn getting ready to go.  We said she didn’t even need to change, she looked so good already!


Into town we went, to a fantastic little restaurant called Asterisk.  It was a special little place on Lower Thames St. in Newport down by The Bodhi Spa (a new hydrotherapy spa coming soon!)  The restaurant has a delicious menu full of variety, as well as an entire sushi menu.  Robyn was intrigued by that most of all.


To celebrate our girls weekend, champagne flowed, as we enjoyed the perfect breeze flowing through the open doors, dining semi al fresco.


Our table was nestled in the side with a very comfortable banquette and adorable pillows.  This is where Robyn decided to park it for the remainder of dinner.  The champagne made her feel all warm & cozy, so she snuggled with the pillows until it was time for dessert.


We discovered that Asterisk actually used classy garage doors on the front of their building, so in good weather, they roll them up to provide many people with desirable seating.


Of course, no dinner is complete without cheesecake!  This was the tallest, fluffiest cheesecake I have tasted since eating Lorraine’s Cheesecake in Hansport, Nova Scotia.


After dinner it was time to head back to camp.  Robyn got in the spirit of things, using a headlamp to show us where everything was in the dark, again, supervising as we built the fire.


As always, her supervision pays off – our campfire was amazing!


After a few hours relaxing around the fire, it was time to head to bed.  Robyn and I have been roommates many times in the past, and tonight was no different.


Sleeping fitfully through the night as my air mattress deflated around me, I awoke early.  I admit, it was difficult to stay grumpy when I had this peaceful sight.  I gave thanks for the sunshine and the stillness around me as I listened to nature wake up around me.  It sounded just like a spa CD that plays during appointments.


Robyn & Mila started to wake up and get hydrated.  We discussed plans for breakfast, and what we we would do that day.


We love a good diner for breakfast, and right across from Melville Pond was this gem – Cindy’s Country Cafe.  Hands down, the best breakfast food I have ever tasted in my life. (And I’m not just saying that because  I’d been awake since 5:30 am waiting for coffee!)


Like a hobbit, Robyn loves breakfast, so we took a look through the Daily Specials and decided what to get.


Little did we realize how much food we actually ordered.  That is STUFFED FRENCH TOAST and an OMELET WITH TOAST.  What you don’t see pictured is that I also ordered Portuguese French Toast.  Biggest, fluffiest, bestest breakfast ever!


After a little shopping in town, it was time to head to the beach (to sleep off the breakfast).  Robyn preferred to stay in the shade to protect her glossy skin. Luckily she had her sunglasses on the whole time, but just in case, we added a hat and some refreshments.


Diligent about skin-safe practices, Mila and I both slathered on sunscreen after a dip in the ocean, then settled in for a long-summer’s nap.

[Insert Public Service Announcement here: Friends don’t let friends go without sunscreen!  Not only do you want to protect yourself from skin cancer, but you don’t want to speed up the aging process either!]


On our way back to camp to prepare for dinner (yes, pretty much all we do is eat, sleep, drink, and go to the beach on these weekend trips) we saw a car ‘pulled over’ by the maintenance crew.  They politely asked him to slow down because he was flying through the campsite.

I overheard his response: “Oh sorry, I didn’t know. This is my first time here to this campsite.”

This confused me because

1) What campsite IS it ok to drive fast?

2) It was also my first time at this campsite and they told me at check-in what the speed limit was

3) The map of the campground to find your site also stated the speed limit

4) This sign is posted multiple times along the camp road.

DUDE – HERE’S YOUR SIGN. (a la comedian Bill Engvall)


Dinner was spent at a local pub called Coddington Brewing Company.  They actually make their own beer there, which was pretty cool.  We kept it simple this night, having a few fresh seafood apps before heading back to camp.  I think we were all just focused on what our dessert would be – S’MORES!


Our last evening, we made the most of it.  We played Rummy by the fire, relaxed with cold bevvies, and snacked to our hearts content.  My heart was full and so was my belly.  It’s moments like these that give me the best memories to take me through the stressful days of building a business.  It was good to just let go and unwind, to cater to my spirit.


Good night Melville!  We hope to come again soon.


Home is where your flip flops are.