Treat your dry, chapped hands to this delicious spa session!

First we gently exfoliate your hands with our SkinCatering body polish that is infused with anti-aging essential oils to nourish and liven up your skin tone. Then we wrap your hands in hot, steamed towels so nutrients can be fully absorbed.

Next we apply a Sea Clay mask containing healing minerals, that we mix fresh for you that day.

This application softens your fingers, soothes sore joints, increases circulation, minimizes swelling, and gives skin a more youthful appearance!

To complete this special treatment, we thoroughly massage your hands using reflexology techniques and a hydrating Hand oil to relax away the stressful day, and deeply hydrate your dry, chapped skin.

EXCELLENT for men & women who work on computers or with paper all day!

30 minutes




One thought on “HAND SPA THERAPY

  1. “I know my review of the SkinCatering Spa Hand Massage will never do it justice but I have to try. It was amazing. I was so looking forward to a rare moment of being pampered and with the comfort of the room, the scent of the different products, the music, the massage technique…the experience easily surpassed my expectations which were very high to begin with:) I felt the tension leaving my body. I felt absolutely and totally relaxed. I would (and have) highly recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you very much!” – Gloria S.

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