Imagine this: 

Your house is lit with candles glowing, a small romantic fire flickering in the hearth… You have two wine glasses filled and a platter of light snacks; Soft music playing in the background.

The doorbell rings and it’s your two massage therapists arriving to give you and your partner relaxing massages to complete your date night.

They set up, give you both incredible rejuvenating massages, then pack up – leaving you to the rest of your wine to enjoy each others company.

WHAT A GREAT DATE NIGHT IDEA! It’s like a mini stay-cation!

This is the ultimate royal treatment to say “I love you” (or at least “I like you a lot!”)

Call SkinCatering, the Premier Massage Team of Massachusetts!


1 hour couples massage in your home: $180

90 minute couples massage in your home: $250

2 hour couples massage in your home: $330


Wondering if you have enough space in your home for massages?

An easy way to gauge the room, is to lay down on the floor and stretch your arms out to the sides.  We are also happy to do the massages outside (weather permitting) in the grass, on a deck, or by the pool (just to give you a few ideas!)

If you’re just not sure, or you need help booking the appointment, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you figure out a plan.

413-2828-SPA (772)