[photo courtesy of Michael Kors campaign 2012]

[photo courtesy of Michael Kors campaign 2012]

If you have a special function, appearance, event, or perhaps a hot date that you are dressing up for, consider getting ready at SkinCatering: Tower Square.

In the morning/before work, drop your special occasion dress, tux, or suit to us at SkinCatering where it will be properly stored for the day.  Don’t forget your shoes too!

After work, come enjoy an hour or so with us as you sip champagne, partake of light refreshments, all while you have your makeup professionally applied (with some lashes!) and your hair professionally styled to give you a polished (or party) look!  Once you’re all dolled up, slide into your fancy pants in our dressing room!

Our staff will oooh and aaaaah over you, help you primp to ensure everything is in it’s place, and send you out the door on a Cloud of Confidence!

The brilliance behind this plan  is that you don’t have to drive out of the city, just to come back in after getting ready – not to mention, you don’t have to drag your gorgeous gown all over the place and get dressed in a bathroom stall (we know you considered it!)

This service is especially helpful if you don’t want to get creases or wrinkles in your regalia before entering the ballroom.

  • Hair & Makeup (with lashes too!) = $125 per person
  • Hair & Makeup (with lashes too!) = $99/pp with a group of 5 or more

Our Cloud of Confidence without the hair service:

  • Makeup & Lashes = $60 per person
  • Makeup & Lashes = $48/pp with a group of 5 or more

A 50% deposit is requested to ensure we are prepared for your arrival.

Please call 413-282-8772 to schedule your Cloud of Confidence experience or go online to our Springfield Secure Booking Site.

Considering a SPRAY TAN?

We recommend doing it 2 or 3 days before your event.

For more information click here.


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