SkinCatering; an Eco-friendly Spa

According to Mintel beauty research, water is the new luxury.


An upcoming trend ready to hit the beauty and skin care industry is “water as a precious commodity.” With environmental awareness on the rise, 45 % of millennials are likely to refuse to purchase a product if that company is not involved in environmental issues. Earth’s natural resources are becoming depleted, and it is not going unnoticed.

In an article posted by Cosmetics Design Europe, Mintel is quoted by saying

“The more consumers become aware of this, the more beauty brands will need to change how they manufacture and formulate products to limit their dependence on water.”


SkinCatering® Spa & Skin Care has been ‘water conscious’ since the very beginning. We use freeze-dried ingredients and super-foods in our skincare and  services to limit the amount of water and preservatives needed. This method allows us more control of water usage during the re-hydration process. Often times we use other liquids to re-hydrate in place of water such as aloe or yogurt- both of which are extremely healthy for your skin! Clients receive the same benefits from these freeze dried ingredients as they would using the fresh ingredient or fruit.

SkinCatering® Spa also incorporates an infrared sauna blanket as well as towels for our wraps and body treatments. The benefit of this is we don’t have to rely on a shower where water could be wasted. Conserving our use of natures most valuable resource, the spa also uses a dry, infrared sauna. This dry infrared sauna does not use water or steam, instead it uses the heat from infrared spectrum lights heating you from your core.


Eco-friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and vegan certified; SkinCatering® cares about the Earth just as much as we do our clients.




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