This Ingredient May Draw out Toxins

Heavy metals are found in the majority of personal care, cosmetic, and skin care products. To the average person, this is no big deal. However, to people whom experience Heavy Metal Toxicity (Heavy Metal Poisoning), this is a huge problem. Individuals with Metal Toxicity have already heighten levels of heavy metals with in their body. Any exposure to heavy metals through digestion or through their skin could have dangerous affects. This makes it extremely difficult for those individuals to use cosmetics or skincare as metals and alloys are often used as an ingredient and can cause severe reactions to the body and skin from a minor rash to neurological affects.

‘Activated Charcoal’ is ideal for those with Metal Toxicity because it’s purpose is to draw out toxins from the body and skin, such as heavy metals.

What is ‘Activated Charcoal’? ‘Activated Charcoal‘ is a medicinal grade charcoal unlike charcoal you would use on a grill or find in a filtration system. It is typically used in emergency medicine to treat poisonings because of its ability to bind to toxins. It is created when oxygen is added to regular charcoal and pressurized.


‘Activated Charcoal’ does not metabolize or absorb into the body which makes it perfect for drawing out bacteria and toxins. Although there is no clinical evidence or data that supports ‘Activated Charcoal’ having benefits to the skin, it is used by many for such a purpose. ‘Activated Charcoal’ can be a deep cleanser, detoxifier, helps to clean and reduce appearance of pores, helps reduce oily skin, treats acne, is a gentle exfoliator, and soothes and heals bug bites or skin irritations.

“I had very high mercury and lead levels. After 10 months of chelation treatment I was able to eliminate most of the toxins that had affected my cognitive function, memory, speech, balance, hormones and many other symptoms. My main symptom, fatigue, had improved as well. This affected me so bad at times that friends asked if I had been drinking, due to the speech and balance problems.” -Karine H (New London, CT)

Individuals with Metal Toxicity cannot use most products that are meant for those uses. ‘Activated Charcoal’ is the perfect alternative.

Veruca Salt‘, SkinCatering’s all-natural Charcoal Body Scrub. It uses ‘Activated Charcoal’ as an active ingredient and is organic, vegan, AND cruelty free. ‘Veruca Salt’ helps to detoxify your skin and treat acne or minor irritation by drawing out excess oil and bacteria from the body.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.44.23 AM.png


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